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For trans, nonbinary or genderqueer individuals who have not had ftm bottom surgery (a phalloplasty or metoidioplasty), a prosthetic penis, also called a penis sleeve or transgender penis, is a great tool to reduce any gender dysphoria. There are different kinds of penis prosthetics for different purposes: an ftm packer can be used as filler, an erect prosthetic can be used with a strap on harness for sexual intercourse, and an stp packer can be used to urinate while standing up. Penis prosthetics are made very realistically and are comfortable to wear, making the wearer feel like they have a real penis.

Which packer or penis prosthetic should I choose?

Deciding which packer to choose is a highly personal process, but it’s useful to first decide what you’re going to use the trans packer for. An artificial penis can be designed for one purpose, or multiple at once.


If you’re looking for a prosthetic that’s great to fill out your pants, a packer is the way to go. These ftm penis packers can be made of silicone or foam. Mr. Limpy is a popular penis sleeve (or dick sleeve) amongst trans and genderqueer people because it looks realistic. The skin-like material makes the penis prosthetic feel very realistic. Mr. Limpy is incredibly soft, stretchy, bendable and pliable. If you want, you can wear these types of packers with some packer underwear. This is a type of underwear that has a special pouch to put your packer into.

StP packer or prosthetic

An StP packer is a silicone prosthetic dick that has a pee funnel. The wearer can use this type of packer to urinate while standing up. Some of these FtM prosthetics come with a penis rod or erection rod, so that the packer is also usable during intercourse.

FtM pack and play

A popular brand of penile prosthetics that are suitable for intercourse are the Emisil prosthetics. These are extremely realistic and can be worn on the skin, either with a special adhesive or with an ftm harness or harness ring.