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Using prosthetics is a great way to enhance the way your body looks and feels, which can be incredibly affirming for a lot of genderqueer people. Whether you’re looking for stp prosthetics, a prosthetic penis, breast prosthetics, trans packers or a Mr. Limpy, UNTAG has it all.

Breast prosthetics

Different people like different looks - that’s why UNTAG has different shapes and sizes of breast forms. For example, we have an oval or a triangle silicone breast prosthesis. A triangle breastform is very suitable for people with a wider chest, whereas the oval breast forms are great for people who have a slimmer build. Or selection of breast prosthetics are either silicone breasts or breast forms made of foam.

Penis prosthetics

Wearing a packer or being able to urinate with an FtM StP prosthetic can be incredibly affirming. Many people wonder what a transgender penis would feel like, and with an artificial penis prosthetic this feeling can be explored.


A ftm penis packer is a prosthetic that can help create a masculine look. A popular prosthetic is the Mr Limpy silicone packer, because it’s realistic and affordable. It’s also possible to wear an stp packer, for those who want to pack while being able to urinate while standing.


It’s possible to have a penis prosthetic or penis sleeve that’s suitable for intercourse. Some of these prosthetics are only suitable for play, other prosthetics come with an erection rod that makes the packer more erect.

Stand to pee

A stand to pee packer or prosthetic allows you to pee while standing up. UNTAG offers a range of StP prosthetics - the Banana Prosthetics and Emisil prosthetics are both popular and realistic choices. We also offer pee funnels.