Read some of our most commonly asked questions, and see if the answer to your question is there.


What is the minimum order amount for a b2b order?

The minimum order amount is €200,-

What conditions do I have to meet to sell your products?

To sell our products you must:

- have a shop or webshop in a adequate industry.

- be in possession of a valid Chamber of Commerce number.

- be in possession of a valid VAT number. (only applies to companies located within the EU)

Where can I contact you for questions about b2b-related matters?

You can contact us via b2b@untag.com!

I want to order more items than you have in stock right now, what can I do?

Please contact us if you want to place an order of items that differ from our current stock. Sometimes it's still possible to order them - we can make the products on demand.

I want to order items that have a different color, or I have another custom question about my order.

Please contact us via b2b@untag.com if you have any questions about customizing your order!

Do you have images that I can use on my website?

We have a folder of images, logos and a brandbook that you can use. Click here to see the folder. Please make sure to credit us when using these images.


How can I pay for my order?

You can pay via our secure payment system Mollie, Klarna or Paypal. Under "Payment methods" you will find a detailed explanation of the different payment methods. Keep in mind that some payment methods may include additional costs.

Can I place an order and pay later?

You can pay an order later when you choose the payment method Klarna. You will then have the opportunity to pay for the product within 14 days of receipt. For the payment method Klarna we charge € 4.95 administration costs. Please note that these costs will not be refunded when you return a product and forego the purchase. You then remain obliged to pay the € 4.95 administration fee.

I can't pay via the payment method I have chosen. What should I do?

Contact us so that we can see if and how we can solve the problem.

Can I pay in installments?

It is not possible to pay in installments.


I placed an order but I didn't receive a confirmation email. What can I do?

We always send a confirmation email to the email address you provided. This email may also end up in your spam box! If you cannot find this email and are unsure whether your order has arrived correctly, please contact us.

Can I change or cancel my order?

If you want to cancel or change your order, please contact us. When your order has already been shipped, it is no longer possible to cancel or change your order.

An item is missing from my order, what can I do?

If an item is missing from your order, please contact us so we can resolve it for you.

Can I place an order via e-mail?

It's not possible to place your order via e-mail. All orders must be placed via the website. 


How long will it take before I receive my order?

Once we have received your payment, it takes up to two weeks for us to process and ship your order. If you order a "tailor-made" product, you have to take into account that it takes about 14 working days to manufacture your product. From the moment of shipment, it takes on average 2 working days in the Netherlands before you receive your order at home. You can count on an average of 5 to 8 working days to countries within the EU. Shipping to countries outside the EU takes an average of 8 to 16 business days. For more information, please see "Shipping & Returns".

Which postal company do you use to ship my order?

We work with PostNL, DHL, and DPD to deliver all our packages. We have no influence over the partners that these carriers work with outside of the Netherlands.

How can I track my order?

When we ship your order, we send an automatic email with a Track and Trace code. This message may also end up in your spam box! This code can be used to track your parcel on the carriers' website.

I can't select a shipping method, what can I do?

We currently ship almost worldwide, with the exception of some countries. If you do not see shipping options, it is unfortunately not possible to order from us.

I have paid for my order but haven't received it yet, what should I do?

Please contact us as soon as possible.This can be by telephone, via the contact form or via "my account".

I don't live in the Netherlands, can I still place an order?

We ship worldwide. You can order products from (almost) anywhere in the world via our website. You should keep in mind that it can sometimes take some time before you receive your order if you order from outside of Europe. Make sure that you provide us with your address as correct and complete as possible so that the postal company can find your address.

The status of my parcel is 'delivered' but I haven't received my order, what can I do?

Sometimes the postal company marks parcels as delivered even though they have not been delivered. Please wait two days - if you have not received your parcel after that please contact us! Also make sure to check if the parcel was delivered to your neighbours.

I've made a mistake with my address details, can I change this?

Please contact our customer service. If your parcel hasn't been shipped yet we might be able to correct the mistake.

Do I have to pay shipping costs?

If you place an order for less than €375,-, a shipping fee will be calculated at checkout. Orders above €375,- have free shipping.


I ordered the wrong size, can I return the product?

You can return a product if it meets our conditions. A product can be tried on to check the size, but can't be worn, and the tag must still be attached. For a detailed explanation see "Shipping and Returns". If you're unsure which size is best for you, please contact our customer service. We are happy to help you choose the right size and the right model.

Can I return my product for a refund?

You can return your order within 2 weeks for a refund, provided it is unworn, unwashed and the tag is still attached. Full terms and conditions can be found under Shipping & Returns. Items that come in a sealed bag can only be returned if it hasn't been taken out of its package, and if the seal is unbroken.

How do I return an item?

To get started, report your return items in your account.

1. Log in to our website with your UNTAG account.*

2. Go to 'My orders' and click on the order for which you want to return items.

3. Click on 'Return items'.

4. Select the items you want to return, choose a return reason and a return action.

5. Click on 'Send'.

PLEASE NOTE: when you have registered your return, you do not have to wait for a response with approval. You can send your order after you have registered your return.

After registering your return on our website, you can create a shipping label via our return portal to return your product.

1. Go to: https://untag.montareturns.com/

2. Fill out your order number and e-mail adress to start the return process.

3. Select the items you want to return and choose your return reason.

4. Choose your preferred method of refund.

5. Choose your preferred shipping method.

6. Check your details and confirm your return.

7. Pack your product in the original box or other sturdy packaging. Add our return form or the old packing slip to your return package - click here to download our return form. Another indication of your name and order number is also sufficient.

PLEASE NOTE: we cannot process the return without an indication of origin.

8. Send your return package.

* If you do not have an account, cannot log in or do not want to create an account, you can send your item to us without registering it as a return - see the address below. If you do not want to use our return portal, you can return your package at your own expense to:


Visseringweg 3A


For a detailed explanation, see the Shipping & Returns page.

What is the status of my return?

You will receive a message from us when we process your return. If the status remains unchanged, it's possible that we have not yet received your return, or that we have not yet processed your return.

If I want to return a product, are the shipping costs at my own expense?

You can create a return label via our return portal. Go to https://trans-missie.shipping-portal.com/rp/and follow the instructions.

Can I return my product if I have exceeded the two week period?

Technically, the rule applies that you have 14 days to return your product, as stated on the 'Shipping & Returns' page. If for any reason you are unable to return your product within this period, please contact us. In some cases we can make an exception!

Have you received my return?

If the status of your return is still 'new', this means that we have not yet received your return, or have not yet processed it. If you are not sure whether we have received the package, please contact us.

I don't have an account, can I still return an item?

You can also return your order without an account. Send it to us and add a note or the old packing slip in the package with your name and order number, and your return wish.

Below are some questions that your customers might find useful when it comes to sizing & products.


How do I figure out my size?

To figure out your size go to our sizing & fitting page. Take your measurements and look at the diagram for the size that corresponds to your own measurements. If your measurements differ from the scheme and you would like personal advice, please contact us!

What can I do if my measurements deviate from the size chart?

If your measurements differ from the size chart, we advise you to contact us so we can help you figure out your size.

The product I received is different from the same product I ordered in the past, how is that possible?

We are constantly working on updating our products and creating the best possible fit. This means the fit or the fabric can differ from the same product you've ordered previously. If you're unsatisfied with your new product, please contact our customer service.

How can I tell if my product fits well?

If you've purchased a binder, you can check if it fits correctly by doing the following things: try to fit two fingers underneath the shoulder straps, and underneath the waist band. If you can comfortably insert the two fingers, the binder probably isn't too tight. If the two fingers can fit too easily, it might be too big. You can also check if there are any seams that are digging into your skin, or if you feel discomfort or pain.

If you've purchased tucking underwear, you can find out if the product fits well by checking in how the seams feel. If the seams of the undies are digging into your skin, or if you feel restricted in your movement, this is a sign the item might be too small. If you feel any pinching or if you lose sensation in your genitals, this is also a sign that your item is too small.

I'm right in between two sizes in the size chart, what can I do?

If two out of three of your sizes fall into one category, choose the size that the two sizes match with. If you're still unsure, please contact the customer service.

Use and product information

I'm having trouble putting my item on or taking it off or I don't understand how my product works, what can I do?

Firstly it's important to figure out whether you've got your item in the right size. Check our size chart on the sizing & fitting page. If you've chosen the right size and you're still experiencing trouble, or if you're looking for instructions for non-wearable items, go to the product manuals page.

How long can I wear a binder?

We recommend that you never wear your binder for longer than 8 hours. More information about binders can be found in our binder guide. This page will explain everything you need to know about binders.

Which binder is right for me?

Choosing a binder is very personal. We advise you to read our binder guide for more information on how to choose a binder.

Which breast prosthetics are right for me?

Choosing breast prosthetics is very personal and depends on your own wishes, the purpose for which you want to use the prosthesic, and your build. For personal advice, we recommend that you contact us!

Which penis prosthetic is right for me?

Choosing a penile prosthesis is very personal and depends on your own wishes, the purpose for which you want to use the prosthesis and your build. For personal advice, we recommend that you contact us!

How can I tell the front and back of my binder apart?

It can be a little difficult to tell the front and back of our binders apart. If the tag is still attached, you can easily see it: the tag is always attached to the front. If you've already untagged your item you can check which side has deeper armholes: the back has deeper cut armholes to give the shoulder blades room to move.

Can I swim in a binder?

Officially, our binders are not made for swimming. Prolonged contact with chlorine-, sea- or other bathing water can affect the fabric and damage the product in the long run. Our swimming products are more resistant to water. You can find our swimwear by clicking here.

Can I swim with my breast prosthetics?

The silicone material of our breast prosthetic is suitable for swimming.

Can I swim with my foam penis padding or foam breast pads?

Our foam paddings are slightly water-repellent and can be used in water. However, we do not guarantee the durability of the product with prolonged use in water.

Why is my Mr. Limpy getting smaller?

Customer experiences show that the Mr. Limpy can become more compact over time, with intensive use. This means the product retains its shape and structure but becomes slightly smaller. This is natural and unavoidable.

Can I swim with the Mr. Limpy?

You can swim with the Mr. Limpy, but keep in mind that the material will deteriorate quicker due to chlorine or seawater. We recommend that after swimming with the Mr. Limpy to roll it in cornstarch to prevent it from sticking or getting dirty.

What's the difference between Standard and Extra Strong?

Extra Strong products have an extra panel of fabric. This is good for people who might have more breast mass to flatten or who have firm breasts in case of binders, or who have larger genitals or who want an extra flat tuck in case of tucking undies. If you're unsure which material to get, please contact our customer service.

Washing & cleaning

How do I wash my top or slip?

It's best to wash our products no hotter than 30 degrees and to not put them in the dryer. Most of our products are made of materials that have elastane and polyamide. These materials are not suitable for washing or drying at high temperatures. Use a small amount of laundry detergent. To keep your white items from getting faded, we recommend washing them with other white items.

How do I clean my penis prosthetic?

You can wash your silicone penis prosthetics with lukewarm water and mild soap. Let the prosthetic air dry on a towel. Be careful with sharp nails when handling your prosthetic.

How do I clean my Mr. Limpy?

To keep your Mr. Limpy soft and smooth, we recommend washing it with lukewarm water and mild soap. Shake off the drops, roll the Mr. Limpy in a cup of cornstarch and lay it on a towel to dry. When the Mr. Limpy is dry, the excess powder can be shaken off and it's ready for use!

Never use talcum powder or an aggressive soap.This will cause the material to crack.

How do I clean my StP prosthetic?

An StP-product is easy to rinse with lukewarm water and a mild soap. Let the prosthetic air dry before you use it again. It is not necessary to fully wash the StP after every bathroom visit, but do make sure you clean it before and after wearing.

How do I clean my silicone breast prosthetics?

You can easily clean your breast prosthetics with lukewarm water and mild soap. You can keep the prosthetics look good for longer by wearing them in a pouch, such as our prosthetic pockets. Be careful with long nails and rings when handling your prosthetics - the material is sensitive and can tear when handled incorrectly.

How do I clean my silicone torso?

The silicone torso is easy to keep clean. Wash it with lukewarm water and a mild soap if needed. After rinsing, shake off as much water as you can and let the torso dry on a towel. Lastly, rub some talcum powder on the torso.

How do I keep my foam paddings clean?

The foam paddings can be washed with lukewarm water and a drop of mild soap. Do not use too much soap, this is not good for the material. Lay the prostheses on a towel to dry and do not tumble dry.