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UNTAG designs and produces shaping corrective underwear and swimwear for people who, always or occasionally, want to dress in such that they can express their gender identity as they see fit. This can be for a numerous of reasons; people who identify themselves as transgender, non-binary, cross-dresser, genderqueer, gender-non-conforming, a-gender, mtf, ftm, gender-fluid or bi-gender can all benefit from our custom and shaping products. We believe everyone should get the opportunity to look the way they feel.

UNTAG offers you a broad product range which will help you to look more masculine, feminine, androgynous or everything in between. Our assortment of tops consists of:

Chest binders: different chest binders to flatten the chest or bind your breast. We offer regular binders, strapless binders, bandeau tops, sports binders, budget binders and swim binders. A binder is a garment that can bind the breasts to make them look more flat. People who have not had their top surgery or gender affirming surgery can benefit from using breast binders. Chest binding can greatly reduce any gender dysphoria that people have about their breasts and chest.

Bras & bratops: a range of mtf tops, sporttops, bras, bandeaus, swimming tops and singlets that you can wear with silicone breast prosthetics or breast forms. These clothes are great for transgender women, MtF, nonbinary, and transfemme individuals. Fem clothing is great to reduce gender dysphoria for those who want to present more feminine.

Swimwear: UNTAG offers a range of gender shaping tops like swim binders and mtf bikini tops. Whether you present as a trans woman, non binary, or if you are looking for trans clothing or a trans binder, we’ve got you covered.

After surgery garments: After a gender reassignment surgery (for example bottom surgery or top surgery), the right trans clothing and accessories are of great importance for comfortable and rapid healing. Think about an adjustable chest binder or a donut cushion.