Silicone Breast Prosthetics Manual

Your new breast prosthetics just came in - hooray! To help you get started we’ve gathered some important info and tips, so you can wear your prosthetics without worry.


Place the breast forms in the pockets of the top you want to wear them with. Pay attention that the top of the prosthetics points upwards. With oval prosthetics the pointy side is the top side, with the triangle prosthetics the most narrow side is the top side.

Put the top on and maneuver the prosthetics to the right place. Watch the video below for a visual explanation:


You can wear your breast forms the whole day, as long as you’re sure you’re not allergic to the material. Silicone breast prosthetics can withstand both salt- and chlorine water, but please note that excessive use in the water can make the material disintegrate more quickly.

Be careful with sharp nails or objects. Silicone breast prosthetics can leak if there is a small hole somewhere.


Wash the prosthesis in warm water and soft soap. Lay them down on a towel to dry. We advise you to clean the breast forms after every use.


Store the prosthetics in a dry and cool place, outside of the sunlight. Don’t store them with other silicone prostheses, and don’t lay them on top of eachother.