Foam Packers Manual

Your new foam packer just came in, great! To help you get started we’ve made a list of some important information.


Place the foam padding in your underwear and move it to the desired position. Take a safety pin - preferably a diaper pin so you won’t get pricked - and pin the foam packer to the top edge of your underwear.


You can wear your foam packer all day. If you wear the packer on your skin and notice some skin irritation, remove the padding as soon as possible.

Our foam packers are made to withstand salt- and chlorine water. Do take note that excessive use in these types of water can make the material disintegrate faster.


Our foam paddings are safe to wash in the washing machine - wash no hotter than 30 degrees. Do not put the padding in the dryer, let it air dry on a towel instead.


Store the packer in a dry spot, preferably outside of direct sunlight.